Wills & Estates

Wills, Trusts, and Estates encompass a large spectrum of legal remedies and responsibilities. Estate planning and Wills are extremely important especially if you have accumulated a significant amount of assets or wealth.

Protecting your family and/or beneficiaries from possible liens against your estate or claims from outstanding debt such as medical bills should be important to you. Also the ability for some one to act on your behalf such as provided through Health Care Proxies or Power’s of Attorney are crucial should you experience an unfortunate illness or accident.

The two main controlling laws for Wills Trusts and Estates are the SCPA and the EPTL which set forth both the legal requirements and the procedure for this area of law. These legal doctrines are complex. However there are simple Wills Trust and Estate issues that are simple and straight forward such as the drafting of a basic Will or a Power of Attorney.

Attorney Jason Henskee limits his practice in this particular area to Living Wills, Health Care Proxies, Powers of Attorneys, Simple Wills, Will Contests, and Basic Estate Planning. Should your case involve a complex or novel estate issue Attorney Jason Henskee will either work closely with a close friend and colleague who focuses his practice in this area or refer you to an attorney who is more proficient in this area.

Attorney Jason Henskee will review your Wills Trusts Estate case for free and determine if he can be of assistance in your particular case.