Speeding, Cell Phone, and Vehicle & Traffic Violations

Every day police officers throughout New York State issue thousands of traffic tickets from speeding and cell phone tickets to seatbelt and expired inspection or registration tickets. The consequences for vehicle and traffic tickets are increasing especially for certain offenses such as texting, driving, and speeding.

The fines and surcharges for most traffic tickets have increased in recent years. Many tickets such as speeding and other moving violations carry points on your license which can effect the status of your license and your insurance premiums.

Younger drivers with DJ or MJ learner’s permits or probationary licenses will be effected significantly more than drivers with a regular license. CDL drivers also have higher standards and traffic tickets can adversely effect the status of their CDL license.

The Vehicle and Traffic Law is voluminous, so much so that most if not all drivers could never memorize all of the potential tickets police officers could write. The most common tickets however are speeding, cell phone, texting, or some defect with the drivers vehicle such as a break light out.

Article 30 section 1180 of the Vehicle and Traffic Law sets forth the various speeding offenses, the applicable fines and surcharges, and points. At 10 miles an hour over the speed limit you are looking at 3 points; 11 to 20 miles over equals 4 points; 21 to 30 over equals 6 points; 31 to 40 over equals 8 points and 40 over equals 11 points which equals loss of your license for some time.

Because of recent research regarding the risks associated with texting and driving especially with younger drivers the penalties are sever and getting harsher as more texting related accidents are reported.

Some people feel they don’t need an attorney to handle their ticket and that may be true in certain instances. If it’s a first offense and a low speed or something that you were able to fix on your vehicle then you shouldn’t pay an attorney to handle your case as you will probably get the same disposition.

If you have a prior ticket within the last 18 months you may want to consider hiring an attorney especially if it was a speeding or cell phone ticket.

Having an attorney who understands the intricacies of the Vehicle and Traffic Law can help you obtain good results in a effective and timely manner.

Attorney Jason Henskee handles traffic tickets throughout the entire state of New York. If he is hired to handle your traffic ticket then most likely you will not have to step foot into a court room. He will travel to court on your behalf or negotiation a reduced plea with the Town Prosecutor through correspondence and phone calls.

Two benefits of hiring Attorney Jason Henskee to handle your traffic ticket that are often not considered by drivers are that in most instances you will not have to go to court and if you have to you won’t be there long and secondly if an attorney appears in court with you or on your behalf most judges take into consideration the fact that you have paid a lawyer and usually impose lower fines.