Personal & Accident Injury Attorney

Personal Injury is one of the more difficult areas of law for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the most significant is that if you are seeking the services of a Personal Injury Attorney then you, a family member, or a friend have been injured and require or have required medical attention.

There is certainly an emotional component to any case as clients are facing uncertainly, possible lifestyle changes, possible career changes, and medical costs. An effective attorney should not only be able to address the legalities of your case but also provide you with information and referrals to address the other issues that present themselves in these cases.

Today, a lot of Personal Injury Cases end up at larger firms. These firms are certainly capable and tend to focus their practice in this one particular area. Attorney Jason Henskee finds however that intimate personal attention can sometimes be lacking in larger firms.

Attorney Jason Henskee prides himself on being available and accessible. Your case is not just another file to him. He also takes a team approach and works very closely on these particular files with another attorney who focuses his practice in this area. Together they work diligently in working towards obtaining a favorable outcome for your case.

The goal of these cases is to make the person who is injured as “whole” as possible. Obviously a very serious injury will forever change a person’s life. In settling or trying a personal injury case we strive to obtain an amount of compensation that is commensurate with ones injuries.

There are various stages of a personal injury case. Each stage takes a significant period of time. As such many of these cases take a long time to resolve.

The first stage of a personal injury case is “intake”. Here Attorney Jason Henskee gathers as much information from you and other sources regarding various factors including the date of the accident, where it occurred, the nature of your injury, where you received treatment, your current treatment, your doctors, and your medical background.

The second stage involves investigation and discovery. Here Attorney Jason Henskee focuses on gathering information about the accident and about your injury from the applicable sources. He and his team obtain documents from your doctors after the appropriate releases have been signed. They then seek information from the liable parties insurance company or the liable party themselves.

The next stage, once information has been gathered, tends to be negotiations. Here Attorney Jason Henskee and his team advocate and negotiation over an extended period of time in an effort to obtain the best possible settlement. In most cases the matter is resolved after negotiations and an agreement is reached.

If settlement is not possible then the case can proceed to pre-trial hearings, motion practice, and numerous court appearances before a trial. Many times a case will also settle during this stage. However if settlement does not occur at that time, then a trial will be conducted.

The two main issues at trial are “liability” and “damages”. The first aspect is who is responsible and what is their degree of responsibility. The second aspect is how much has the injured party been adversely effected and how much should they be compensated.

As with most cases, the client wants to know, how much is this going to cost me. The unique thing about personal injury cases is that the client doesn’t pay a thing out of pocket. All costs and disbursements associated with the case are paid by the attorneys. The attorneys only get paid if you get paid. The standard fee for attorneys in personal injury cases is 1/3 of the settlement. For example if your case settles for $100,000.00 the attorney would get paid $33,333.33.

Attorney Jason Henskee offers free consolations for personal injury cases. If you have been injured and would like Attorney Jason Henskee to review your case for free call 716-796-4550.